About Us

Premax was established in 2012,operating as a manufacturer and exporter of products for children. 

We have been identified as a solid supplier of ride on cars, baby stroller, tricycles, playards, high chairs, child seats, toys for children and other accessories for children. As a Chinese nationwide wholesale business offering products for children and as a distributor of high quality products for children, we have earned trust of many overseas customers. 

We ensure competitive prices in relation to the quality of the offered products. We offer a guarantee and post-guarantee service. 

While working on new products for children, we plan and then manufacture or select (to match the offer) products which are characterised by the following criteria: Safety and comfort of your child. Our goal is to create and improve the products offered for children. And yet we try to make our toys an unforgettable gift and bring a lot of joy to the child. We have necessary certificates and safety seals of approval. 

Premax - Products and toys for children - on offer: Baby strollers, Baby rockers, baby playpens, highchairs and other products for children - Everything for children! 

Besides our own products, ODM and OEM is also our core business. 

Premax will work with you to join hands in creating a better future!